As I sit drinking my morning cup of coffee; my mind wonders to the carefree moments in my life. Moments when I was in high school without a care in the world.  I guess what triggered this trip down memory lane would be my 30th high school class reunion is this weekend.  I was not able to attend due to unforeseen reasons. I would have love to see my childhood best friend again after all these years. I would have love the trip to Denver; it has been years seen I have been there.

Don’t get me wrong  I like being adult, but how I long for those carefree days of youth when the only thing that I had to worry about was pimples, homework and if my crush noticed me. Life was a lot simpler  and I was under the protection of my parents.  However, as I reach a new stage in my life, am I starting to realize that I can be just as carefree as when I was a teenager.


About albparker2014

I am an aspiring author, licensed minister and mother who has a new passion for writing and life. It is my desire to share my love for writing and the gift of God's word and love to the world.
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